October 22 | 12:49 PM PST
The main entrance to the campus on Grand Avenue. Known for the abundance of commitment and graduation photos taken by students.
October 22 | 12:55 PM PST
yakʔitʸutʸu The new freshman dorms are named to honor the indigenous peoples of San Luis Obispo.
October 22 | 12:59 PM PST
On a campus with tons of hills and distance to cover, a mountain bike is much needed!
October 22 | 1:01 PM PST
The Performing Arts Center not only hosts guest speakers and presentations for students and staff, but holds numerous community events for all of San Luis Obispo.
October 22 | 1:03 PM PST
Known as the Red Bricks, these freshman dorms currently house Liberal Arts and Agriculture majors as well as those in the Global Living learning community.
October 22 | 1:17 PM PST
University store for all spirit gear needs!
October 22 | 1:18 PM PST
The University Union aka The UU - Mustang News, the student media group carries weekly paper newspaper editions all throughout campus
October 22 | 1:20 PM PST
Two campus dining options The Avenue and 805 Kitchen
October 22 | 1:57 PM PST
Açaí bowls in between class!! :)
October 22 | 2:22 PM PST
Shake Smart on the left, Rec Center on the right
October 22 | 2:24 PM PST
Graphic Arts Building -home of Mustang Media Group
October 22 | 3:50 PM PST
Monday afternoon rock climbing
October 26 | 10:09 AM PST
Trail to Poly Canyon Village aka PCV
October 26 | 10:10 AM PST
PCV - Second Year campus housing
October 26 | 10:22 AM PST
North Mountain - freshman motel style dorms housing students in the Collaborative Leadership learning community
October 26 | 10:29 AM PST
Sierra Madre residence hall - for engineering first years
October 26 | 10:30 AM PST
Community center for the eight Sierra Madre towers
October 28 | 10:02 AM PST
PCV entrance
October 28 | 10:34 AM PST
The only bagels on campus but worth the walk
October 28 | 10:35 AM PST
Jamba Juice was created by two Cal Poly business students so it’s no surprise there’s one on campus.
October 30 | 5:42 PM PST
View of Madonna mountain from campus
October 30 | 5:43 PM PST
Robert E. Kennedy Library
October 30 | 5:45 PM PST
Students study on the lawn
October 30 | 5:46 PM PST
Outside Engineering East
October 30 | 5:48 PM PST
Baker Building at Golden Hour
November 1 | 5:40 PM PST
Crotchett Education Building
November 1 | 5:40 PM PST
Inside the education building
November 1 | 5:41 PM PST
The largest lecture hall on campus used for numerous classes specially GE’s
November 1 | 5:42 PM PST
The Business building is a little oasis of a large campus
December 8 | 5:20 PM PST
Baker Science and Math Building at Golden Hour
December 8 | 5:21 PM PST
Empty campus on a Saturday, the green strip is the bike path to ensure safety between bikers and pedestrians around campus.
December 10 | 4:23 PM PST
back stairs that lead to view of Cal Poly “P”
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