October 6 | 4:13 PM PST
This is College Nine also where my dorm is located.
October 6 | 4:14 PM PST
This is the College 9/10 Dining Hall aka “The Best Dining Hall”
October 6 | 4:21 PM PST
The Jack Baskin School of Engineering Main Building.
October 6 | 4:23 PM PST
Science Hill where all the physical and life sciences take place.
October 6 | 4:25 PM PST
Science and Engineering Library on a Saturday when everyone is not working.
October 6 | 4:26 PM PST
These turkeys are vicious so be careful.
October 6 | 4:33 PM PST
Media Arts Building
October 6 | 4:34 PM PST
View of the City
October 6 | 4:39 PM PST
McHenry Library
October 6 | 4:41 PM PST
Found some deer!
October 6 | 4:42 PM PST
Rumor has it that you might see herds of deer here during the early morning.
October 6 | 4:45 PM PST
This is the Bay Area Tree Bookstore also the main hub of the campus.
October 6 | 4:49 PM PST
This is where all the recreational events and sports teams practice. Thy also have a great view of the beach.
October 6 | 4:51 PM PST
Amazing work from student artists.
October 6 | 4:51 PM PST
Just some more dorms.
October 6 | 4:57 PM PST
Some of the art students made representing important themes to the campus.
October 6 | 5:21 PM PST
This is where all the work gets done. This is always a daily mess.
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