Women's March Oakland Warmed by Sunshine and an Enthusiastic Crowd

Jan 20, 2018
James Morehead
at Downtown Oakland, Oakland
Women's rights
2018 Women's March
Lake Merritt
1:11 PM
1:13 PM
Montera Feminist Club
1:17 PM
1:20 PM
Turnout in the thousands rallying for speakers that started at 10am.
1:22 PM
California State Controller Betty Yee addresses the crowd on the challenges faced by women in 2018.
1:24 PM
1:26 PM
Betty Yee closes with "tweet the way you'd want to be tweeted".
1:29 PM
Congresswoman Barbara Lee delivers a recorded message due to needing to stay in Washington D.C. because of the shutdown negotiations.
1:30 PM
1:35 PM
Oakland Youth Poet Leila Mottley delivers a stirring poem in support of diversity.
1:37 PM
Rosemary Jordan starts her remarks on how the Women's March impacted her last year and today.
1:44 PM
1:50 PM
Oakland Hip hop artist Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri performs "Warrior Woman".
1:56 PM
2:13 PM
Not just signs - elaborate puppets.
2:15 PM
2:19 PM
2:20 PM
Marchers fill the steps of the Alameda County Court House
2:22 PM
2:22 PM
A small homeless camp embedded in the rally.
2:33 PM
2:34 PM
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