Dublin High School Hosts VEX Robotics Competition "Battle of the Bay"

January 13 | 1:20 PM
January 13 | 1:21 PM
Competition practice arenas waiting for combatants.
January 13 | 1:23 PM
Teams from across the Bay Area compete with robotics projects to complete tasks.
January 13 | 1:28 PM
Dublin High School Engineering Academy teacher Adam Brown talks about the Robotics Competition
January 13 | 1:29 PM
On the fly troubleshooting and problem-solving is at the heart of a student robotics competition.
January 13 | 1:33 PM
January 13 | 1:34 PM
Autonomous round quickly ends in a draw.
January 13 | 1:36 PM
Driver controlled round is up next.
January 13 | 1:40 PM
January 13 | 1:44 PM
Terrific play by play by the student volunteer commentators.
January 13 | 1:48 PM
This event is being livestreamed at stream.dhsrobotics.com.
January 13 | 1:49 PM
The matches are non-stop / back-to-back alternating between two competition pits.
January 13 | 1:50 PM
Dublin High School Engineering Academy alum and UC Berkeley student Joshua Price is one of the two student commentators.
January 13 | 1:55 PM
The autonomous rounds - which are much shorter - demonstrate how much harder autonomous robotics is vs. driver-controlled. The number of cones captured is far less.
January 13 | 1:56 PM
Volunteer referees huddle on a ruling.
January 13 | 2:05 PM
Dublin High School Gael Force Robotics team members preparing to compete.
January 13 | 2:13 PM
For this year's challenge the goal is picking up and stacking cones with an autonomous bonus and driver-controlled round. One team managed to stack a wobbly but successful 12 cones - by far the most to-date in the competition.
January 13 | 2:19 PM
Numerous rules of engagement are enforced - for example pinning another robot for more than 5 seconds is not allowed.
January 13 | 2:24 PM
Matches involve two team alliances - red and blue - competing to stack cones on fixed towers in the middle of the field and a home area that requires positioning a base and then cones. Adding to the challenge is lifting the bases over a small barrier in the home areas.
January 13 | 2:32 PM
Autonomous mode match.
January 13 | 2:35 PM
Red team takes this driver controlled match 84-34.
January 13 | 2:37 PM
Student volunteers scramble between matches to reset the field. There are two competition pits so that matches can run continuously back-to-back.
January 13 | 2:46 PM
Scoring value varies by scoring zone - for example the"deep done" requires the robot to successfully get the cones over two barriers in the corner of the competition field. Each corner has deep, middle and shallow zones for scoring points.
January 13 | 2:57 PM
The robots on each team collaborate, optimized for different use cases. Some are designed to create high stacks of cones, others to position bases in the different zones.
January 13 | 3:31 PM
Dublin High School alum and tournament emcee Joshua Price talks about the rules and what it takes to win.
January 13 | 3:42 PM
The competition is breaking for lunch but continues all afternoon. The main event is being held in the Dublin High Center for Performing Arts and Education and is open to the public.


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