Dublin High School Science Fair Fills DHS Student Union

Feb 3, 2018
Dublin High School
Science fair
2/3/18 11:48 AM
2/3/18 11:54 AM
Dublin High School Science Teacher Janet Kaehms organized this year's science fair which provides students an opportunity to present their projects.
2/3/18 11:56 AM
As a judge this is the rubric I need to follow when reviewing the science fair projects I've been assigned.
2/3/18 11:57 AM
A group of parents and (mostly) student volunteers are serving as judges.
2/3/18 11:58 AM
2/3/18 11:59 AM
2/3/18 12:19 PM
2/3/18 12:38 PM
These students modified a drone and RC car to create a first responder tool.
2/3/18 1:01 PM
This student created a lightweight prototype of body armor to protect against knife attacks. The prototype was made from inexpensive materials and was refined after multiple tests. This project included a cool video of testing with different types of knives to verify design worked. I've judged many different science fair projects - this one was definitely unique!!
2/3/18 1:19 PM
So far no volcano projects! A surprisingly diverse set of problem areas are being investigated.
2/3/18 1:26 PM
There are over 150 projects on display (creating a science fair project is a mandatory part of Dublin High School's Biology with Research course). A subset of the projects will go on to the Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair.
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