Dublin High School InvenTeam Demonstrates Prototype that Allows Disabled Students to Play Basketball and Soccer

Feb 8, 2018
Dublin High School
2/8/18 9:14 PM
2/8/18 9:16 PM
2/8/18 9:17 PM
The prototype of the MIT grant winning design that makes it possible for children with disabilities to play sports.
2/8/18 9:18 PM
A Raspberry Pi controlled prototype that will allow students varying control over the trajectory of the ball.
2/8/18 9:22 PM
Dublin High School's InvenTeam is accepting donations to fund a trip to MIT for EurekaFest. So far $4,000 has been raised towards a needed $19,000.
2/8/18 9:23 PM
Donations are being accepted during tonight's Dublin High School Open House in the Career Center.
2/8/18 9:27 PM
Dublin High School Engineering Academy Teacher Eugene Chou
2/8/18 9:28 PM
Members of the Dublin High School InvenTeam.
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