Battle of Midway Memorial at Chicago's Midway Airport

November 3 | 4:55 PM CST
Chicago's Midway International Airport includes a Battle of Midway Memorial exhibit at the entrance to Concourse A.
November 3 | 4:58 PM CST
November 3 | 4:58 PM CST
"You who participated in the Battle of Midway today have written a glorious page in our history. I am proud to be associated with you." Admiral Nimitz
November 3 | 5:00 PM CST
November 3 | 5:01 PM CST
Static photos with 3D effects
November 3 | 5:02 PM CST
"For all the guys that never returned, for all the men that gave that last effort and could not get back to be as fortunate as I, I will tell the kids about what you did and why." Pfc. Edgar R. Fox, USMC, Ret., elementary school volunteer
November 3 | 5:04 PM CST
Interactive display - with multiple moments from the history to view.
November 3 | 5:06 PM CST
If you have the time there is a good half hour of content... or you can still get value from a few minutes.
November 3 | 5:07 PM CST
"America" by Gary Weisman
November 3 | 5:08 PM CST
November 3 | 5:09 PM CST


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