September 7 | 2:53 PM PST
Welcome to Dublin High School, Home of the Gaels!
September 7 | 2:56 PM PST
Center for Performing Arts and Edcuation - where DHS Drama productions, events like Mr. Dublin, and guest speaker lectures are held.
September 7 | 2:58 PM PST
The Old Gym, where PE classes take place.
September 7 | 3:00 PM PST
Band, Drama, Choir, and Video Production classrooms.
September 7 | 3:01 PM PST
The Dublin High Counseling Office, where students can discuss course schedules, college, and career planning with their counselors, along with accessing a variety of other resources.
September 7 | 3:03 PM PST
The doors to the College and Career Center. Students can visit Mrs. Nobida and learn about Regional Occupational (ROP) programs, careers, scholarships, financial aid, SAT/ACT testing, work permits, internships, and more.
September 7 | 3:07 PM PST
The Student Activities office, where students turn in forms and purchase items, including spirit gear and dance tickets.
September 7 | 3:09 PM PST
The Student Union, where students congregate before school, during lunch, and during their free periods.
September 7 | 3:11 PM PST
The Health and Culinary classrooms, adjacent to the Student Union.
September 7 | 3:12 PM PST
The back of the Sports Complex, next to Gaels Stadium.
September 7 | 3:14 PM PST
The Dublin High Sports Complex - used for sporting events, rallies, back-to-school night, AP exams, and more.
September 7 | 3:15 PM PST
The entrance to Gaels Stadium, our football field.
September 7 | 3:17 PM PST
The J Building - where most math classrooms are located.
September 7 | 3:18 PM PST
The entrance to the DHS HUB, the library and an important study space for students.
September 7 | 4:50 PM PST
The K Building, where most science classes are located (along with the engineering and biomedical academies).
September 7 | 4:51 PM PST
The L Building, where humanities classrooms are located (primarily English and History).
September 7 | 4:53 PM PST
The M Building, with English, History, and Foreign Language classrooms.
September 7 | 4:54 PM PST
The N Building, where art classrooms are located. DHS offers several art classes, including Drawing, Ceramics, 2-D Design, and AP Studio Art.
September 7 | 4:55 PM PST
Food Service Windows - home of the popular “The Roost”.
September 7 | 4:58 PM PST
The portables were a recent addition to accommodate the growing student body. Currently, they mainly house history, english, and elective classes.
September 7 | 4:59 PM PST
Go Gaels!
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