September 24 | 3:11 PM PST
The Court of Sciences is home to three lecture halls: CS24, CS50, CS76. Almost every student ends up having a class here at some point. Primarily used for undergraduate biology and chemistry classes, it's attached to Young Hall, the biochemistry building.
September 24 | 3:17 PM PST
This is a graduate life sciences building.
September 24 | 3:18 PM PST
This is Boyer Hall, a building used primarily for molecular biology.
September 24 | 3:20 PM PST
This is the Mathematical Sciences building. Pretty self-explanatory. It has an observatory on the top where people can go every two weeks to see the stars. It's connected to Boelter Hall, the Computer Science and Engineering building.
September 24 | 3:23 PM PST
The Ostin Music Center, where a lot of instrumental music classes take place.
September 24 | 3:24 PM PST
The top is the Psychology Tower and the bottom is the Inverted Fountain. Students dip their hands in the Fountain during New Student Orientation and are not allowed to touch the water until they finish their last final as seniors. During finals week, you can often see many seniors partying and barbecuing right around it.
September 24 | 3:31 PM PST
This is Royce Hall, the most photographed building on campus. Often, you'll see wedding, prom, and club pictures being taken here.
September 24 | 3:37 PM PST
This is Campbell Hall, home of the Linguistics Department.
September 24 | 3:40 PM PST
Charles E. Young Research Library is often the quietest place on campus to get work done.
September 24 | 3:43 PM PST
This is the Sculpture Garden, the #1 date spot on campus.
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