October 9 | 11:12 PM PST
Geisel Library at night
October 10 | 2:26 PM PST
Top Geisel Entrance looking out at library walk
October 11 | 12:28 PM PST
UCSD’s newest building, Tata Hall, usually used for biological sciences.
October 11 | 12:34 PM PST
Sun God statue!
October 16 | 12:12 PM PST
OCHEM Lecture in York Lecture Hall.
October 16 | 12:49 PM PST
Tuesday farmers market on campus! (There’s really good food and it’s a nice change from the dining hall)
October 16 | 6:14 PM PST
Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC)’s dining hall, Cafe Ventanas, one of UCSD’s 10 dining halls. Also pictured is one of ERC’s reshalls.
October 18 | 4:14 PM PST
ERC/I-House looking out at the Village and Rady School of Management
October 22 | 10:46 AM PST
Path to Warren Field looking at the art piece, “Fallen Star,” and the Irwin & Joan Jacobs School of Engineering.
October 22 | 10:48 AM PST
October 23 | 11:57 AM PST
Ridgewalk going towards Revelle College with main gym to the right
November 1 | 6:14 PM PST
Something no one really told me was that San Diego has some of the best sunsets!
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