Canoes for Conservation Launch

location_onSault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Hello! Welcome. Keep scrolling to check out our launch event photos and see what’s going on at the St. Marys River this summer.

The St. Marys River tour starts with a discussion about our unique geography.

Our guides bring along a few neat props to “spark” your interests and help form new ideas.

This experience is beginner friendly!! We go over the basics (on land first) to make sure everyone is prepared, comfortable, and can enjoy the experience.

The energy in our boat is increasing as we get ready to glide out from land on our journey.

Calling all history buffs! Compare old photos and paintings to what you can see now on the river.

We are naturalists at heart, but hey, floating along in our canoe is also a great way to see our city from a new angle.
We end off the tour back at the Canadian canal with some great lighting for photographs. If you’re coming on our tours, remember your cameras!!
Canoes for Conservation is an initiative of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy. Check us out at to learn more about our conservation mission.