Nashville Unsigned Artist Feature Week with Songwriting Pop Prince, MYYLO.

location_onThe Fitz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Artist Feature week, MYYLO, Nashville’s newest Pop Prince. Vol. 12 Issue 4 February 11-16, 2019
Friday 2/15, Nashville Unsigned’s Featured Artist, MYYLO, not only launched a new single titled “Cyborg” but he played a hell of a show at The High Watt.

Get “CYBORG” on Spotify NOW, by MYYLO! Available on all streaming platforms :)

Featured Artist MYYLO goes on an early spring tour. You want to see his live shows. They are epic!

Red Couch Interview with featured artist, pop prince and songwriter of Nashville, MYYLO. Artist Interview.

Red Couch Artist Interview with unsigned pop phenomenon , MYYLO.