Nashville Unsigned interviews Artists for class 11 promoting 13 of Nashville’s Emerging Independent Artists

location_onNashville, Tennessee

Nick “white rice” Daniels gets the couch warm for class 11 interviews

Bts Nashville Unsigned Class 11

Excited to have ‘The Dryes’ hit the Red Couch Interview first w/ Amber here at Nashville Unsigned! Class 11

Talking crowd surfing at Hangout Fest 🏄🏼‍♀️ With country band The dryes

The Detroit native Fleurie sitting down with Amber for her Red Couch Interview!

BTS - That man over there! S/O Patryk Larney on the visuals for Nashville Unsigned

Are you a cat lady w/o cats like Fleurie. She talks about her love for quilting and how she’s an old cat lady at heart.
We at N.U have been all about Tommee Profitt (producer) for a hot minute and the hit maker himself joins our Class 11 Alumni; sitting down for our Red Couch Interview!
BTS - If you don't have a top shelf audio engineer, you're not catching top shelf recordings. Thanks Luke Forehand from Oky Productions. Friends and proud partners

Little Ceasers never looked so classy. We keep the 'Za on deck!!!

Bingx joined us on the Red Couch to join Class 11

The sexy Nashville Unsigned podcast Producer Casey Chahine joined us BTS for the shoots

Can you make it through a whole song w/o stopping. One Takes. Hip hop artist Bingx drops some knowledge
W.H.Y.L.D: What Have You Learned Dude?
Rapper and vocalist and dancer and Producer, Bingx sits and hangs on the Red Couch with host Amber Stoneman to chat all things music and life

The Sexiest Pillow Around - Nashville Unsigned

"In my eyes success is adding to your happiness by doing what you love" -Bingx

Can you keep up? Bingx and Amber Stoneman freestyle rap on set. He is truly something special.

Sam Tinnesz sits with Amber Stoneman on the Red Couch Interview to join our Class 11 Alumni!

Audio producer, Luke Forehand from OKY productions is manning the audio station ensuring everyone sounds the best. We are so honored to be partnered with OKY productions. Amazing people with amazing skillsets.
Lil' studio shot. We are a bootstrapped music technology publication that functions out of a converted garage. It doesn’t get anymore early days Facebook/ google than this.
Send Sam Tinnesz an Edible Arrangement... trust us 😜🤘

Talking shop w/ the pop music mastermind Sam Tinnesz

David Borne’s Merch line. Host Amber Stoneman says “If you aint got one...”

Pre-Production with Adam Agin (Artist), Amber Stoneman (Host) and Patryk Larney (Video Production)

Amber Stoneman welcomes Adam Agin to the Red Couch and our Class 11 Alumni at the NU studio

Adam Agin sits and chats on the Red Couch and talks about his love for that (Pickle) Juice!

David Borné joins our team on our famous Red Couch for Class 11 interviews and gives our host Amber Stoneman some Bornneados merch to rock on set.
New peeps in the building for Class 11 interviews. Michaels Whitaker an EPIC Producer, Tim Riehm and Morning After Crew being our Live in studio audience
We say 'Hey There' to Tim Riehm on the Red Couch to talk about his debut single "Hey There Liquor", his fav liquor, and what new tunes he's been chasing that liquor with 🥃
Rockin out these interviews left and right. Up and down all over this beach with Amber Stoneman and Jim Wes from Outrage Culture
Jim aka Sik Wit (formerly Class 2... maybe 3. Lets fight about it 🤔) is rejoining us talking his new project Outrage Culture w/ Amber Stoneman on our Red Couch Interview webseries

Morning After Crew hops on (and falls off) the Red Couch for their interview with Amber Stoneman

"Promote the flat-top" - Morning After Crew
Vacation Manor bounces onto the Red Couch with our very own Amber to join in on our Class 11 Interviews!

Pre-interview with AJ raps and Our Nashville Unsigned Red Couch host, Amber Stoneman

AJ raps dropped sports to drop music, and he dropped by Nashville Unsigned to join our Class 11 on the Notorious B.i.G Red Couch

Views from the peanut gallery - BTS of our studio in full action. Interviews all day.

Being open and expressive on the Red Couch Interview, from Class 11, AJ raps.

Take 1- Bloopers because Amber Stoneman can’t even pronounce Matt’s name.

Koziol & Kennedy getting cozy on the Red Couch for their Class 11 Interview

BTS to that NU NU (see what we did there 😉) from Koziol & Kennedy