Nashville Unsigned Interviews Class 12

location_onProfessional Cross Connects LLC, Nashville, Tennessee

Ryan Smith from Shure on the Red Couch

Teaching Class (12)

First Class is 12 Interview of the night. Leah Blevins (1/2 of a twin set 👩👩)

WHYLD w/ Leah Blevins: Find what you love & keep your uniqueness unique

Nicole Boggs & The Reel (minus a couple peeps)

WHYLD: Nicole Boggs & The Reel keeping it real with this segment

Pre couch life

Pant & soul mates

VEAUX (French): *Noun - common folk

WHYLD: Care the right amount with VEAUX

First Time on the Red Couch for The Last Bison

Were living in a topsy turvy world here at Nashville Unsigned

Just getting comfy

Amber got them hands... and the questions

Karim - A poet in life and in music

Dad jokes about Stephen Day

No more school to(Stephen)day. Sorry Belmont we got him now lol

Oky Productions on the crispy audio

Jimbo Jangle is Stephen Day

Spazz Cardigan can’t rock cardigans very well apparently

Be prepared for the Spazz Cardigan WHYLD when his feature week happens... super deep!!

Face Blocka Amber

Both women giving power to women. Alaina Cross is doing it with ‘Her Collective’

Alaina Cross - ‘Its crazy how much has to move around and lessons have to be learned in order for things to happen”
Jordan DePaul knows a bunch of Alumni even as a new member of the NU Fam - Dela Kay, Jung Youth, Stealing Oceans. This would be a badass group 🧐

It’s all about timing; glad we got some good timing of getting Jordan DePaul on our couch!!

Get down with the sickness and Jordan DePaul

OnenO retired the food truck days in Class 3 (SoundWaves) and now he gets the honorary Red Couch in Class 12!

He can’t stand airplane toilet flush sounds 😂. That is great!!!

Myylo in the house

Well we’re glad you made it to Nashville and to our Red Couch!

Patryk getting the footages (new words brought to you by Cardi B)

Myylo talking working with Mike Posner, no Starbucks deals (sadly), and much more... stay tuned for his feature weeks
Myylo only spends his money on books... he says nerdy, we say DOPE!