Union Square Farmers Market and Park attracts locals and tourists alike

location_onUnion Square Park, New York, New York

Union Square Park in New York City

There are three different productions shooting here today, a photoshoot, this interview, and a TV crew shooting a segment on the farmers market.
Street musicians, families, people on conference calls - all take advantage of the lovely benches ringing the park center.

Feeding the pigeons

Laptops, lunch, conversations, and more as people enjoy some of the last of the warm weather.

Abraham Lincoln towers above visitors in this statue by Henry Kirke Brown, 1869.

This bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln was sponsored by the Union League Club, a Republican organization, and crafted by Henry Kirke Brown. It originally stood in the street bed at the southwest corner if the park before being relocated here (north side) after a park redesign in 1930.

A fairly expansive playground, "Evelyn's Playground" is located at the North side of the park.

This giant flagpole was erected on July 4th, 1926, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence 1776.

The base of the commemorative flagpole is surrounded by stars for every state.

This statue of Marquis De Laffayette was cast by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated in 1876. The statue was restored in 1991 by The Grand Marnier Foundation as part of the Adopt-A-Monument program.
Kenneth Amstead's art piece "Washington 20/20/20" is a steel frame with feathers, enamel paint, and tar standing like the bow of a ship or a blockade in front of Washington's statue. Armstead's piece is part of the #ArtInTheParks program and serves to draw attention to the fact that 20% of George Washington's Army at Yorktown in 1781 were freed or loaned slaves. 20% of the post-colonial American population we're enslaved Africans.
This statue of George Washington astride his horse was sculpted by Henry Kirke Brown and is the oldest sculpture in the New York City Park's collection. It was dedicated in 1856.
Street musicians pop up throughout the park with drummers and guitarists being popular forms of casual entertainment.

At all times of day and night you'll find people gathered on the steps of Union Square.

Games of chess, checkers, backgammon, dominos and more abound.

Just drop in for a game!

Hare Krishnas and other groups often try and recruit/evangelize in the park. The smell of incense drifts around.

Easy subway access to most lines.

Lots of artists, palm readers, and performers of all ilks flock to the heavily pedestrian area.

Grab a sample of these teas and tinctures.

"Two Guys from Woodbridge" have herbs and greens for sale.

In addition to all kinds of meats in the farmers market, you can even get bones for your dog.

Pies, breads, and other baked goods are available from Francesca's Bakery.

Several stands are selling (and sampling) alcohols - including moonshine.

Green beans are $3.60 a pound at Migliorelli Farm stand.

The fall colors and flavors are out and about.

Every purchase made at Hot Bread Kitchen supports culinary training for women. (Hotbreadkitchen.org)

Yellow peaches are $3lb at Tree Licious Orchard's stand.

If you're looking for plants or flowers, you can find them here

Ornamental peppers

Pumpkins and gourds

There is always something to see or eat or at least a place to sit at Union Square.

There is never a shortage of people who want you to sign a petition or join a movement.

These ladies are promoting an art piece happening throughout October: AiOP 2018 Body. Artinoddplaces.org

New York locals and tourists come together in Union Square Park