Behind the Scenes: Bulletin Photoshoot in New York's Union Square

location_onUnion Square Park, New York, New York
The Bulletin production team is out in Union Square Park getting some photos of Bulletin in the field.

Our photographer Wendy has to be nimble as it's really crowded!

Wendy gives Taylor directions on the best angle for the shot

It's tough to take photos in public as we will have to make sure people's faces are blurred out

Taylor gets shots of the commemorative flagpole while Wendy gets shots of her

Mixing up our backgrounds, but cognizant that even this public art work will have to be blurred in the background

Wendy turns her camera on Shadan

Shadan getting a shot of the Abraham Lincoln statue

We aren't the only ones shooting at the farmers market today! This crew is shooting a commercial for Channel 5 featuring their anchors around town.

Shadan capturing some of the action of the farmers market while Wendy captures him doing it

The team is excited to get these new images out to help us spread the word about Bulletin. Special thanks to our photographer Wendy, and our "models" Shadan and Taylor!