Disney's Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in New York City

location_onChelsea Market, New York, New York
Mickey: The True Original Exhibition celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse's influence on art and pop culture.
This Disney exhibition of all things Mickey Mouse runs November 8, 2018 - February 10, 2019 in New York City, next to Chelsea Market
The exhibition is ticketed, but there is also a retail space open to the public at 14th St and 10th Ave.
Once the doors open you can wait in the lobby for your timed tour, take pics, and have your bag searched.
A cast member welcomes you into the exhibit. All the staff are as friendly and knowledgable as you'd expect.

Get hyped with this sizzle reel pre-entry

After the highlight reel, the door to the exhibit is opened.

Jeff Shelly's "On Model: Mickey's Personality" pairs pencil drawings of the mouse with neon. Shelly has worked for Disney since 1987 as a master character artist.
Walt Disney's first Oscar, won in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse. It was the first time in history an animated character won an Oscar.
Get your picture taken in this large prop boat inspired by Steamboat Willie, which premiered November 18, 1928 at the Colony Theater in New York City.

"Another Seasoned Mile, Another Brand New Smile" is a light painting by Michael Bosanko.

"My Mother's Bedroom in 1979" is an oil painting by Ariana Papademetropoulos.

Katherine Bernhardt is a Brooklyn-based artist who created this acrylic and spray paint mural "99Cent Hot Dog."
This with sculpture, created by Dillon Market, was used as the title sequence at the beginning of Steamboat Willie Redux (on display as well).

These stop motion puppets were created by Max Winston for a scene in Steamboat Will Redux.

Enter into "Sorcerer's Way" a dark and magical exhibit based around The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Watch Steamboat Willie Redux, a modern take on the first animated short to feature synchronized music and sound.

Daniel Arsham's "Hiding Mickey" is an impressive fiberglass sculpture pressing through the wall.

Brian Roettinger's large-scale black and white installation is compromised of comic strips by American cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson.

Photo opps abound as the exhibition continues the selfie-culture of insta-pop-ups.

Brian Bress, an LA-based artist is in a costume that matches the paper and is behind it cutting out shapes.
Cosmic Cavern by Kenny Scharf is a bizarre but awesome installation accessible to the public via the retail space.
"Plane Crazy" was Walt Disney's first animated short starring Mickey Mouse, but wasn't released theatrically until after Steamboat Willie in 1929.
The women of the Ink and Paint Department (1930s-1940s) transformed pencil drawings on transparent sheets of celluloid into colorful animations.

"Multicolor Mickey" by Disney designer/illustrator Stacey Aoyama.

London Kaye crocheted some of this acrylic yarn piece blindfolded! "Supersonic Skein"

"A Nice Day with Minnie and Daisies" is an oil painting by Alake Shilling.

There are 28 hidden Mickeys throughout the exhibit - like this one in the yarn space.

Pass beneath the mop buckets and enter the Sorcerer's Way

"Well, So Long! I'll Be Seeing Ya!" is an oil painting on disassembled wooden cinema chairs by Oliver Clegg.

After the cavern of sorcery, head into the Mickey Mouse Club for free ice cream!

Annette Funicello and Cubby O'Brien costume ensembles from Mickey Mouse Club, 1955

The Mickey Mouse Club aired on ABC from October 3, 1955 to September 5, 1959.

The original 4-string Mousegetar was specially built for Jimmie Dodd to use on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

"Peaceminusone" was launched by G-Dragon, the South Korean entertainer and diehard Mickey Mouse fan.

Oliver Payne's screen print and hand-coloring pieces.

Multimedia piece "Mickey's Japan Tourism" by Keiichi Tanaami

Close up detail of Tanaami's piece

"Studio for Mickey's Hands" by Javier Medina

Keith Haring and Mickey Mouse

James Jean's "Mickey Eden"

"Velvet Laughter" by Tanya Aguiniga is comprised of deconstructed plush Mickey Mouse blankets and fabric strips.

"3000% Mickey Bear" by DRx is made up of vintage Disney t-shirts.

Shinique Smith crafted this mound of Mickey Mouse plush toys for "Bale Variant No. 0026 (Ode to Mickey Mouse, My First Love)"

The final round in the exhibit are pieces of Mickey Mouse memorabilia through the years.

In 1930, an L.A. based seamstress named Charlotte Clark crafted the first Mickey Mouse plush -- and got approval from Walt and Roy Disney.
Backdrop for group photos - the cast members (staff) are on hand to take all the pics you want throughout the exhibit.

Answer a trivia question correctly and get a bonus pin!

Exit through the gift shop. The retail portion is open to the public as well.

Another group photo backdrop

The final piece of the exhibit is through this black curtain in the retail space - and it's a must visit.

A neon trash pile of a room that'd make a burner feel right at home.

The retail store and Maker’s Shop is open Tues-Sun, 10am-8pm.

The Maker Shop enables you to create your own custom Mickey shirt right on site.

Classic Disney attention to detail - the chair seats are Mickey's pants!

The exhibit runs November 8, 2018 - February 10, 2019. Tickets start at $38.

A portion of the opening sizzle reel