Annual Chelsea Veterans Day Ceremony in New York

location_onChelsea, New York, New York
The Annual Chelsea Veterans Day Ceremony is being held on Monday, November 12, 2018, at 11:00am at 27th St and 9th Ave in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.
Police officers and a small handful of other folks gather at the District Health Center in front of the Chelsea Park WWI Memorial
The "Chelsea Doughboy" Memorial to the soldiers and sailors of Chelsea who fought in World War I 1914-1918. The term "doughboy" was used by British in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to describe American soldiers and sailors.
CBS 2 News reporter, Scott Rapoport, interviewing an attendee. You can see his live segment at:
CBS 2 News reporter, Scott Rapoport, asks an attendee what she knows about the statue which was placed here on April 7, 1921.
An official walks the reporter through the run of show which will include a bugler, prayer, remarks, and placing of wreaths.
An Army Veteran asks the police officers where they were yesterday when he and his group laid this wreath and had a moment of silence.
Serving in the Army 1969-2000, and born and raised in Chelsea, this veteran placed the flowers and held a moment of silence yesterday. Chris Parkers made sure the taps were played.

Channel 4 ABC News interviews another veteran attendee

Some local fire fighters join the police officers on site

Frank Meade, event organizer, greets all of the police officers who have showed up. Frank served in the Coast Guard in 1969.

A prayer to open the ceremony

Opening remarks and a powerful speech by Frank Meade.

“No one chooses to be a hero.”

Chris Parkers, Frank Meade, and Brad Hoylman (NY State Senator)

Two wreaths adorn the Chelsea Park WWI Memorial. The "Chelsea Doughboy" is one of nine such statues erected in New York City's parks. It was a gift to the city by the Chelsea Memorial Committee and was dedicated on April 7, 1921. Designed by architect Charles Rollinson Lamb, the states was sculpted by Philip Martiny.

Complimentary coffee provided by Chelsea Square Restaurant

Several fire trucks and their crews lined up to pay respects.

This wreath laying ceremony was revived in 2014 and has been an annual tradition ever since, due largely in part to organizer Frank Meade. State Senator Brad Hoylman provides a wreath every year.