Art Gallery of Algoma: Group of Seven and Photography Exhibits

location_onArt Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
The Art Gallery of Algoma was established in 1975. Admission is $12 for adults and $6 for seniors and students.
Currently the Art Gallery of Algoma is hosting a "Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the First Painting Trip to Algoma by the Group of Seven." In the early 1900s a group of young artists met in Toronto and brought a new, fresh (and poorly received) style of painting to Canada. They used nature as their inspiration, but after the death of their friend and artist Tom Thomson, searched for new places to paint. This led them to Algoma in September 1918. Over the next three years they returned to Algoma seven times. During this time they really found their style: landscape art filled with emotion and expressed with strong colors and free, uncontrolled brush strokes. The Group was formed in March 1920 in Toronto and first exhibited that May. Founding members of the Group are: Lawren Harris, J.E. Harris, J.E.H. MacDonald, A.Y. Jackson, Franz (Frank) Johnston, Arthur Lismer, Frederic Varley, and Franklin Carmichael. The Group of Seven disbanded in 1932.
Algoma Discovered: Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the First Painting Trip to Algoma by the Group of Seven. The exhibit runs October 4 - November 24.
A letter to MaxDonald from Harris heralding their acquisition of a refurbished box car that they would love out of in Algoma.

Works by Franklin Carmichael (left) and Lawren Harris (right).

"Algoma Through My Eyes" is the result of a photo competition held this past summer. Participants were asked to find a special place of inspiration and capture that moment in nature -- just as The Group of Seven did in 1918. Approximately 270 images were submitted, 31 of which are on display here.
From sweeping landscapes to artistic manipulations, the images span styles and subjects to reflect Algoma's natural beauty.

A wide range of cameras, old and new

Collection Highlights exhibit

There is a wonderful education room (currently occupied by boisterous students) with all kinds of hands-on activities.
A charming indoor seating area next to a self serve cafe. There are also picnic tables outside overlooking the water.

The gift shop is packed with wares from local artists.

The Art Gallery of Algoma offers about 20 exhibitions a year as well as classes and workshops for all ages. Be sure to explore the Elsie Savoie Sculpture Park outside along the waterfront.