2019 American Magazine Media Conference In New York #AMMC19

location_onBrookfield Place, New York, New York
After checking in downstairs and having your bag scanned, head upstairs to get your name tag and a continental breakfast.

Eating, coffee, and conversations as people await programming to begin at 9am.

Follow what's happening at the 2019 American Magazine Media Conference with the hashtag #AMMC19.

Love the reusable water bottles vs individual plastic!

Executives in magazine media, technology, advertising and more have gathered at AMMC this year to explore the power and influence of magazine brands.
The theme of this year's annual event is 100-Proof, a recognition of MPA’s centennial and a play on magazine media’s commitment to trustworthy, credible content.

Tom Harty, President and CEO of Meredith Corp, welcomes attendees to AMMC19.

"Magazines are the best influencers," says Tom Harty, over this slide of social media engagement in women's fashion and beauty.

Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO of MPA, thanks the event sponsors and opens the event.

"What we're not going to do today, is spend a lot of time complaining about how our business is hard... We are not special or unique... I don't believe in participation trophies. We should be rewarded by what we accomplish." - Linda Thomas Brooks
"We have the brands that consumers trust and enjoy... 73% of people worry about fake info being weaponized. But your brands have a legacy of trust and confidence. Legacy is value. Credible brands are more valuable than ever." - Linda Thomas Brooks

Martha Stewart and Laura Brown, Editor in Chief InStyle

Martha Stewart speaks to finding her voice with her first book

"I'm addicted to my iPad, all my media is on it. I start my mornings very early, very early." - Martha Stewart
"It's not about finding joy, it's about finding space." A little dig at KonMari method from Martha Stewart while talking about her new book.

Martha Stewart on the blending of cultures that is cooking with Snoop Dogg

“I don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram. I have too much to do... I post because I get a response.” - Martha Stewart

“If you don’t believe in synergy, you just can’t survive.” Martha Stewart on the magazine industry

Lessons from legacy publishers in the "Secrets of the Centenarians" panel

Susan Goldberg, National Geographic, talks about their race issue and why they had to acknowledge their own history and past failures.

Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, on covering moments like the Women's March

Jane Francisco, Good Housekeeping, speaks to how "wellness" is registering with consumers

Joe Brown, Popular Science, brings up the differences among trans-generational publications, regardless of age.

Moderator Michael Clinton, Hearst Magazines, keeps the panel moving and punchy

Data can be used in many ways, but you also have to be a good editor able to recognize content that will be a good story. - Susan Goldberg, National Geographic
“We have unusual stories that transcend the data... We aren’t in it for the dollars, we are in it to make a difference.” - Katrina vanden Heuvel
On data driven decisions: The show “This Is Us” resonates wildly with the Good Housekeeping audience and so they craft content related to that knowing it will do incredibly well. - Jane Francisco, Good Housekeeping
“The name ‘Popular Science’ is the most valuable thing we have. We have to figure out licensing as that could be a primary revenue driver.” - Joe Brown, Popular Science

Closing thoughts from the panel

Bob Woodruff, ABC News Correspondent, and Lucy Kaylin, Editor in Chief "O", The Oprah Magazine talk about the fight for quality journalism
"I thought China was the future. I was teaching law there when the Tiananmen Square moment happened. I ended up taking journalists around while they were there covering it." - Bob Woodruff
Lucy Kaylin talks about Bob's journey from well paid lawyer to struggling journalist. From earthquakes in San Francisco to brain injuries in war zones.
Bob Woodruff shares his story of nearly dying from an IED attack while covering a war zone. He is soft spoken and matter of fact.
On the dangers of misinformation, especially in restricted countries whose only info source online are social platforms.
“The long form content being created now is better than it used to be - there are so many more places to put it... My kids want more in-depth content now.” - Bob Woodruff
Bahram Akradi, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Life Time and Alison Overholt, VP and Editor in Chief ESPN Magazine, espnW, and The ESPYS
“The mistake of the railroads is they only thought of themselves as railroads. With Life Time, I wanted it to be a healthy lifestyle company vs a health club company.” - Bahram Akradi
“The way we workout is a fad - no one is doing step classes anymore. But healthy living and aging well is always important.” - Bahram Akradi
“We are a subscription business. our gym, our clubs, our co-working spaces, our apts — they are all essentially subscriptions.” - Bahram Akradi
“There is no way an employee will love your customers if you don’t love them.” You have to take care of your staff and make sure everyone is aligned with your values.

Bahram Akradi on his leadership principles

James Hewes, President and CEO FIPP presents 2018 Insight Awards

FIPP Insight Marketing Award - Gold Winner

FIPP Insight Multiplatform Award - Silver Winner

Karthic Bala, Chief Data Officer at Conde Nast, makes their first party data available to their marketing partners. Like providing Geo located consumer data to a retailer to inform their stocking strategy.
It's important not to over-personalize for your consumers. I have a friend who is a travel blogger that never travels, says Karthic Bala.
Tracy Heller, Head of E-commerce and Digital at David Yurman, stresses that they don't share their data externally, only using it internally.
Alysia Borsa, Chief Marketing and Data Officer at Meredith Corporation, emphasizes the need to reinforce their stance as a trusted brand through their privacy policy -- and the need to educate consumers accordingly.
Moderator Andy Bain, Head of Deloitte Digital, asks the panelists about consumer education on privacy in the market place.
"I'm happy to sign away a lot of my data privacy to companies in exchange for better services, but I don't want it sold onward. We have to get ahead of this and be transparent about how this data will be used." - Tracy Heller
Alysia Borsa says we have to give value when we collect data - whether that's curated content or relevant ads.

Lunch brings time to network, charge devices, and sample a variety of food from different stations.

Kate Lewis, Chief Content Officer, Hearst Magazines, and Stella Bugbee, President and Editor in Chief, The Cut
"When I first wake up I check Instagram," says Kate Lewis. "I read Twitter for the news, usually at night."
"I love Instagram because I can be creative there too. I like the pictures and pretty aspect of it. I like to make travel stories," says Kate Lewis.
"I don't believe the whole 'millenials are hard to manage hogwash.' I have millennials employees and they are driven and loyal to Hearst." - Kate Lewis
“If you only reward and praise numbers, that’s what you will get. You have to encourage delight too.” - Kate Lewis
Advice to my younger self? Surrender. Let go of the hard desire to acquire or achieve that “thing” you really want. Let the journey happen. Let your life unfold. Have faith in yourself. - Kate Lewis
Stephen Orr, VP/Group Editorial Director Meredith Corporation and Editor in Chief Better Homes and Gardens, presents ASME Best Cover Awards

ASME Magazine Cover Awards

Henry Winkler (actor, director, producer, author) and Liz Vaccariello, Editor in Chief of Parents Magazine and Group Editorial Director of Meredith Corporation
"I am grateful to be alive. I am joyful." Henry Winkler who says out of everything he's done, he is most proud of his books.
Henry Winkler discovered he had dyslexia at age 31 when his son was tested for the same affliction (he became the Fonz on Happy Days at 24).
"How you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are. Tenacity and gratitude get you where you need to be." - Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler reads an excerpt from his latest “Hank” book.

“You never know what you can accomplish until you try.” - Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler on the power of typeface to empower dyslexic readers.

“Fly fishing is like a washing machine for your brain.” - Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is a national treasure. If you ever get the chance to hear him talk, take it.

Instagram success stories

98% of Freeda content is consumed through mobile devices and the brand exists solely on social platforms (no website!)
Vogue uses Instagram to showcase their covers, leveraging the swipe to buy features. Users could get Beyonce's Sept 2018 issue delivered to them via Amazon.

The power of Beyonce and Instagram's swipe to buy led to a sell out of Amazon's copies.

Cosmopolitan's audience opens Instagram an average 40x per day

Cosmopolitan posts early morning on Instagram to capture their audience right away as their readers open the app first thing in the morning.
Cosmopolitan has leaned out of Instagram stories and more into strategic posts that are timely and relevant.
Cosmopolitan uses their social channels to drive traffic between them - from Instagram to YouTube for example.

Instagram is our readers home base, says Jessica Pels, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan.

"Every post, every story, is a cover," says Daria Bernardoni, Editor in Chief, Freeda Media. "The visual impact is key because everyone is a publisher on Instagram."
Negar Mohammad, Head of Brand Marketing at Vogue, keeps tabs on what their global properties are doing.
Campbell Brown, Global Head of News Partnerships at Facebook, and Samantha Barry, Editor in Chief at Glamour
"It is crazy for a business to build themselves entirely on our platform." - Campbell Brown, Facebook
"Mark [Zuckerberg] long believed that content should be free," says Campbell Brown. They are now testing membership models and paywalls on Facebook Instant Articles with some publishers.
"Video monetization is a good example of where we have work to do to make it more successful for more publishers." - Campbell Brown

Samantha Barry asks how pre-roll is going for Facebook. "Not fast enough," says Brown.

"Local news is a passion of mine. At Facebook we are very concentrated on communities... We are funding non-profits in the hopes of getting cash to the right places." - Campbell Brown
On the future of video, “know your audience,” says Campbell Brown. Not all successful shows are highly produced. Lengths vary. “Urgency of the moment seems to be resonating.”
“The one thing we do know with Facebook Watch is the social aspect. Have people gather in these moments and think about social first.” - Campbell Brown
“Instagram is the next generation. We have to find out what will resonate with that audience and how to craft news for that platform.“ It’s where everyone is.
Facebook is a very different company now then it was two years ago. You know what a company cares about by where they spend their money. We are spending on election protection and fighting misinformation. - Campbell Brown

To publishers Campbell Brown says we aren’t going backwards, so adjust accordingly.

“Due to WhatsApps encryption, we can’t deploy fact checkers like we do on Facebook. Hopefully some of the product changes we are working on will help.” - Campbell Brown
"The world is awash in media. We have to be more thoughtful and data driven, focused on what problem we are solving for consumers." - Troy Young, President Hearst Magazines
Pam Wasserstein, CEO New York Media, says Vulture was a result of them leaning into the data of the culture and entertainment their audience was interested in -- and saw a revenue opportunity.
Eric Zinczenko, CEO Bonnier Corp., On diversifying their company as a way of future proofing. "Get out of your swim lane."
Tom Harty, President and CEO Meredith Corporation, "We have to spend a lot of time educating our advertisers on the importance of trust and credibility on a platform."
Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands, "We never want to be overly reliant on any particular platform." Pushing out content is a job.
"People crave a human connection with these personalities that influencers represent. As a media company we create content that represents the brand vs people that do this." - Troy Young

Troy Young on paywalls reinforcing the importance of relationship management with your subscribers

With programming wrapped, Linda Thomas Brooks sends attendees out for cocktails and the awards ceremony to follow.