Behind the Scenes: Shooting a Bulletin 'How-To' Video

location_onGoogle, New York, New York
Welcome to our 2nd "behind the scenes" story for Bulletin! Today we are spying on the production crew as they prepare for a new video. Here the crew is lighting the device (a Pixel 2) for the shoot.
The Bulletin production team is setting up to shoot a Pixel 2 phone with a "green screen" so that product images of Bulletin can be added to the phone in post-production. The team is doing it this way to make it easier to keep the video up to date when the Bulletin interface changes or new features are introduced.

It takes hours to get the lighting and framing just right.

In addition to cleaning the glass/lenses of the camera, the crew has to make sure the white paper background is spotless and the phone is smudge free.

Everything must be perfect to get crisp images and lines

Careful device adjustments must be made to get proper framing in the shot (while avoiding smudges)

The team is careful not to move or bring vibrations to the gear when shooting the video. Even though the device doesn't move, video will make the product more dynamic and "real" than simple photography.

The camera stays still, suspended over the device and background.

The crew studies the monitors in painstaking detail to ensure the images are aligned in the frame and clear of any artifacts.

Reviewing the story board to make sure we get all the shots we planned for.

A "simple" dolly shot takes rehearsal and practice to ensure the final visual is perfect. After this the crew decides to craft rails with piping and sandbags to get a straight motion in camera
Can you see the fishing lines? Getting really practical with our effects now to pull the phone out of frame.

The phone must be constantly dusted and kept smudge free for a clear and not distracting image

The crew debates directions and framing for swipes and motions.