The Not-So-Secret Menu at Chipotle Next Kitchen in New York

location_onChelsea, New York, New York

The Chipotle test kitchen is located at 6th Ave and 13th Street in Manhattan, New York.

Chipotle Next Kitchen offers exclusive items like Nachos, Bacon as an add-on, Salad, Avocado Tostada, Quesadillas, Salad, lemonades, and Mexican Chocolate Shake.

Dining area

Order "Next Kitchen" exclusive items at the counter.

Counter service

You can get frozen beverages like margaritas

Avocado Tostada is regular guac on a hard shell with tomatos, cheese, and a mountain of lettuce. It's basically existing vegetarian toppings on a shell. Served cold.
The Mexican Chocolate Shake is awesome. Spicy and so thick they need bigger straws. This is worth the trip alone.

The Mexican Chocolate Shake is spoon worthy thick.