Local 78 and Giant Rat “Inform Public” About Asbestos Removal

location_on104-114 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York

Daniel, a rep for LiUNA Local 78, stands by the giant rat at 8th ave and 16th Street in Manhattan.

The giant inflatable rat is often used for union protests. Today it is a prop holding information about the dangers of asbestos removal and the need to take care of the workers who do it.
Taconic Management Company hired Interboro Property Management Corp. to handle the asbestos removal at 817 Broadway.
While not a formal protest, Local 78 wants Taconic to hire “a more reputable company that offers proper medical benefits and wages” to workers tasked with removing asbestos.
The “public appeal” is happening at this location, Taconic’s main office, but the work is actually being done at 817 Broadway.
When I spoke to Daniel about who he worked for and why they were here, he went across the street to a parked pickup truck and got his boss’ card. For more info contact: David Vila, Laborers’ Eastern Region Organizing Fund, or Local 78 at 212-227-4803
Daniel wanted to be clear that this was not a protest and there were no calls to stop work. This is a public appeal.

The flier being distributed by Local 78

The rat is back today, January 11

The rat is outside again today, January 15