Photos from the #GoogleWalkout in New York

location_onGoogle, New York, New York
Spurred by a recent New York Times article focused on sexual harrassment and executive payouts, Googlers across the world are walking out of their offices at 11:10am local time. NYT Article:

Stairwells and elevators were packed as thousands of employees and contractors headed outside.

Police and yellow vested Google employee volunteers are onsite at the 14th Street Park to make sure things go smoothly.
Police recommend different pedestrian cross points to ensure flow of traffic and safety. Note: 14th Street Park is open to the public and not closed off for this event.
The meeting point at 14th Street Park is completely packed so people are being directed outside to a portion of the street that has been closed off.
The #GoogleWalkout organizers have created social media accounts on Twitter @GoogleWalkout and on Instagram GoogleWalkout if you want to see more photos and stories.

A closed street next to the park quickly fills. Counts estimate the crowd at 3,000 strong.

The walk out organizers say the event is a way to stand up for each other, fight for equity, and demand real change. Specifically: 1. An end to Forced Arbitration in cases of harassment and discrimination for all current and future employees (current language), along with a right for every Google worker to bring a co-worker, representative, or supporter of their choosing when meeting with HR, especially when filing a harassment claim. 2. A commitment to end pay and opportunity inequity, for example making sure there are women of color at all levels of the organization, and accountability for not meeting this commitment. 3. A publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report, including: the number of harassment claims at Google over time and by product area; the types of claims submitted; how many victims and accused have left Google; any exit packages and their worth. 4. A clear, uniform, globally inclusive process for reporting sexual misconduct safely and anonymously. 5. Elevate the Chief Diversity Officer to answer directly to the CEO and make recommendations directly to the Board of Directors. In addition, appoint an Employee Representative to the Board.

A handmade sign saying "WTF?" Can be seen over the crowd.

Leadership at all levels of the company (from CEO Sundar Pichai to individual managers) have been supportive of the Walkout.

Signs saying "Ok Google, set a timer for 'Up'"

Police have blocked off a portion of 15th Street, between 10th and 11th Ave to accommodate the huge crowd

Some folks are heading back to the office now

This guy keeps trying to bait people into talking. Not a nice dude. "You all are in partnerships, right?" He asked the large group of women talking to each other.
"CNBC Make It" interviewing people at the Walkout. See the article and video from this crew here:

"Times Up Tech" read these signs

Spectrum News NY1 is onsite

Walkout is wrapping up as everyone heads back to work.

Cheddar trying to get quotes.

Democracy Now! interviewing people.

The media and reporters are visibly hungry to get anyone to talk to them.

Overall a respectful, calm, well organized, and brief protest.
Read more directly from the Google Walkout organizers themselves in this article from The Cut:
Counts estimate 20,000 Google and Alphabet workers walked out across 50 cities around the world.