ONA18: Google News Initiative University Network Gathering + Bulletin

location_onJW Marriott Austin, Austin, Texas
Google News Initiative is hosting a gathering for their University Network here at ONA. Nick Whitaker is giving a talk. ONA18 is the Online News Association's annual conference for the journalism industry.

Questions about the Google News Initiative University Network? Email the team!

Nicholas Whitaker gives an overview of the Google News Initiative University Network.

GNI University Network information Bit.ly/GNIUniversityNetwork

GNI University Network Google Group is a forum with lots of resources and conversations

Overview of GNI University Network membership

GNI University Network trains professors and faculty so they can train their students on tools and technology. They have lots of resources you can access.
Nicolas Whitaker wants to know what other resources they can provide, what other events they should attend, and how else they help support you.
GNI has an online training center with 55 lessons (9 courses) in 12 languages. g.co/news training
Based on feedback, GNI is working on a certification offering for program participants. They have quizzes and courses and tools and reporting for administrators.
There is a current challenge for University's who get their students involved in the fact checking world. bit.ly/factcheckingshortcourse
Free security keys for attendees designed to protect your Google Account from targeted online attacks as part of the Advanced Protection Program.
James Morehead, Product Manager for Bulletin, answers audience questions. US or Canadian-based attendees can get access to Bulletin today.
Nicholas Whitaker explains what Google's security keys and Advanced Protection Program is for and why it's important.