AWAYTOMARS and Kellogg's Froot Loops Fashion Collection Launch in New York

location_onKellogg's NYC, New York, New York
This summer, Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® teamed up with UK-based fashion pioneer AWAYTOMARS to create a limited-edition fashion collection. After months of collaboration from nearly 700 co-creators around the world, they are unveiling the colorful, unexpected collections that AWAYTOMARS has created. In this photo, staff are checking folks against the guest list and warning people they are filming inside.

Walk up a few flights of narrow stairs and come out in an airy retail-esque loft.

Kellogg's themed decor and apparel on display.

Kellogg's teamed up with UK-based fashion pioneer AWAYTOMARS to co-create and solicit designs for different fashion pieces. Founded in 2014 by Alfredo Orobio, AWAYTOMARS ( is "an online platform to promote design thinking, advance creativity and promote profit sharing."

Froot Loops Baseball Cap

Digging this Toucan Sam Dress (see the beak as sleeve?) and high top Froot Loops Sneakers.

Andreia Romano is helping out with the event and modeling the Toucan Sam Dress and Froot Loops Sneakers.
The 10-piece, unisex, limited-edition collection features bright colors and striking graphics. Alfredo Orobio, AWAYTOMARS CEO and founder, says, "Together, we found a way to infuse the fun, playful spirit of Froot Loops and tie the capsule to the full AWAYTOMARS Spring/Summer 19 collection, which is inspired by the visuals of early 20th-century silent movies." You can shop the entire collection (which retails $30-$185) at

Froot Loops Hoodie.

Wild Berry Froot Loops T-shirt rack. Note the Froot Loops Beanie above in the shelf area.

All the Froot Loops pieces are available for purchase.

Charlie McElveen models the Toucan Sam T-shirt while handing out macarons.

Beautiful sketches hang on the walls.

Melissa Rakiro modeling the Toucan Sam Dress while handing out rainbow black and white cookies.

Dan and Eve contemplate a colorful Toucan Sam Bomber Jacket purchase.

Liz Pinzon shows off the Froot Loops Hoodie and Froot Loops Baseball Cap. She is handing out marshmallow flying saucers. They are made of froot loops crumble and "cereal milk" flavored Mini Marshmallow Donut with a white chocolate coating, Froot Loop dust and silver stars

Tonight's menu of sugary treats

Teardrop cake

Alfredo Orobio is the founder of AWAYTOMARS and introduces us to his favorite piece

Alfredo Orobio encourages artists to find inspiration everywhere - even in a cereal bowl.

Outside of tonight's event, you can come to the Kellogg's NYC cereal cafe anytime for a snack in a fun (branded) cafe space.
A permanent "Instagram area" with special lighting and set up to style photos of your cereal bowl creation.
Remote-work-friendly spaces. Bringing your laptop is encouraged. The Kellogg's NYC space offers: Free wi-fi, 2,000 sq ft of seating, Views toward Union Square Park, 65" TVs, card/board games, and even has a Conference/game room available for rent.
The process for the collaboration included: - soliciting designs around the theme "Whatever Froots Your Loops," - distilling the 182 submissions into core elements (planets, stars, high contrast color blocks, and loops), - looping in 568 additional co-creators around a shared, online design board, - refine the designs and work with creators to tie the Froot Loops capsule to the AWAYTOMARS SS19 collection - Launch a preview at the Kellogg's NYC space on August 21, 2018 prior to a Paris debut on September 27, 2018.
The Kellog's NYC space opened in December 2017. Co.Create NYC works with Kellogg's to run a public cereal cafe in the space - when it's not hosting a fashion popup like tonight or being rented for branded or non-branded events (like corporate holiday parties). Co.Create NYC is a creative agency and hospitality company. (
The Kellogg's NYC cereal cafe is located at 31 East 17th Street, New York, NY (with elevator access at 36 E 18th Street) and is basically open all day, every day. The cafe boasts a DIY cereal bar with over 30 playful toppings, creations by Lauren Conrad, Pop-Tarts & Oddfellows, ice cream sandwiches, and specialty cereal drinks. Get more info at