Dublin High School Entrepreneur Competition & Showcase

May 25 | 5:12 PM PST
May 25 | 5:24 PM PST
Our 6th annual Entrepreneur Competition and Showcase has started! Students have worked for 2 weeks developing solutions to problems of their choice. Tonight top teams from each engineering class present our panel of industry judges.
May 25 | 5:24 PM PST
May 25 | 5:33 PM PST
Project Smart User Ratings - shopping made easier by curating reviews to the consumer
May 25 | 5:35 PM PST
Project I4U - an Android app designed to help the blind navigate through cities with voice commands connected on their cane
May 25 | 5:39 PM PST
Project unTether - wireless charging options of the future
May 25 | 5:44 PM PST
Noah Boursier giving us a demo of the Pixy CMUcam5 - a color seeking launcher that could be used in robotics games
May 25 | 5:48 PM PST
Project ModU-Keyboard - make your computer keyboard into a piano with a simple overlay
May 25 | 5:54 PM PST
Demo of the Doorlivery - James Fu, Xiluo He, and Gene Pan demonstrate their solution to package theft
May 25 | 5:58 PM PST
Project Power Pack by Tyler Tran - wirelessly charge your phone with 4 hours of solar generated energy
May 25 | 6:02 PM PST
Our judges visit Project Waypoint - a new navigation algorithm aimed at finding the fastest route
May 25 | 6:05 PM PST
Denel McMahan showing off Food for the Future - a simple, small oven that can be used in rural locations with no electricity
May 25 | 6:08 PM PST
Bob Kaehms speaking with Jaiveer Singh of Project Blindsight - an armband that allows the visually impaired to access the world, equipped with object and facial recognition, voice recognition and text to speech
May 25 | 6:15 PM PST
33 showcase teams here presenting to our 13 judges in the first round of judging.
May 25 | 6:55 PM PST
Project Food Foresight - an app that tells you if you can safely consume a product
May 25 | 7:04 PM PST
Getting started on presentations, introducing our amazing judges!
May 25 | 7:09 PM PST
First presentation - Liberate - a fair trade website devoted to ending slavery
May 25 | 7:17 PM PST
ModU Keyboard taking some questions from the judges
May 25 | 7:19 PM PST
Blindsight explaining their product
May 25 | 7:25 PM PST
FUN, the Face Unlocker Knocker, presenting their solution to unlocking your door without the need of your hands.
May 25 | 7:34 PM PST
Mark Kong and Will Lavanakul presenting Audio Note, an application that condenses information from videos into short notes that you can use to study.
May 25 | 7:41 PM PST
Project Wire Wheel presents their innovative solution to cable management.
May 25 | 7:46 PM PST
Senior team consisting of Gagan Thapar, Kenny Lau, Krishna Pandian, and Anton de Vera presenting their suite of products in unTether.
May 25 | 7:50 PM PST
Rupali Sarathy and Anushka Ghosh Dastidar present the Power of Music, an attachment that uses the vibrations from instruments to create energy for electricity.
May 25 | 7:55 PM PST
WatterGen sharing some numbers about how effective their product will be if implemented.
May 25 | 8:07 PM PST
Judges starting the difficult job of determining the winners of the competition.
May 25 | 9:40 PM PST
Congratulations to all of our winners! First Place Presentation - blindsight Second Place Presentation - Audio Note Third Place Presentation - Trashline First Place Showcase - Sedentary Sensor 2.0 Second Place Showcase - Power Pack Third Place Showcase - unMask Me Special Awards Out of the Box Thinking - Power of Music Closest to Market - Wire Wheel Best Presentation Skills - Face Unlocker Nocker Technically Deep - Pixy CMUcam5 Best Demo - PopLock


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