Madam CJ Walker 20th Annual Business & Community Awards Recognition Luncheon

April 6 | 8:43 AM PST
April 6 | 8:46 AM PST
April 6 | 9:16 AM PST
The Empowerment Forum will begin soon.
April 6 | 9:17 AM PST
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Robyn Cameron - Co-Chair of event opening the event.
April 6 | 9:21 AM PST
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One speaker running late.
April 6 | 9:32 AM PST
Below is Martina Ilunga - Moderator , Shayla Jamerson - Founder of SoOakland and Honorable Dezie Woods-Jones - CEO of Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment
April 6 | 9:35 AM PST
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Elaine Brown, Former Leader of Black Panthers arrived just b4 audience asked, ""What way they can use their voice to become part of the movement." A lot of Africsn-American issues from 50-60 years ago still exist.
April 6 | 9:44 AM PST
Brown shared A.A. have survived oppression. However, we own nothing, not even our lives! (applause)
April 6 | 10:01 AM PST
AfterJamerson spoke, the audience was asked what are their misconceptions of people different from them and what can they do to get out of their personal bubble.
April 6 | 10:12 AM PST
The audience is sharing their answers to the earlier questions.
April 6 | 10:18 AM PST
The first session has ended. Break time.
April 6 | 10:18 AM PST
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April 6 | 10:21 AM PST
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Attendee Lakeesha Gage shared she's here because whenever there's an AA women's event, it feels like home and she wants to be there.
April 6 | 10:28 AM PST
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Tiffany Anderson, Author of Hair Therapy, shared, she's here for inspiration, camraderie, to learn, to see women who no matter what age are still in the struggle. She. loved hearing "to stand up for one's self instead of being humble."
April 6 | 10:42 AM PST
Session 2 is about to begin: Digital Business is Everyone's Business starring Molly Ford of Salesforce, Simone Harvey of Wells Fargo, Kymi Armour of and Kathy Cowling of Kaiser Permanente.
April 6 | 10:43 AM PST
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April 6 | 11:08 AM PST
Harvey shared, even with technology, "the focus should be on customer service and making innovations based on this."
April 6 | 11:20 AM PST
Session 2 has ended. Lunch starts at 11:30.
April 6 | 11:34 AM PST
April 6 | 11:40 AM PST
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April 6 | 11:40 AM PST
April 6 | 11:49 AM PST
KBLX announcing 100 Black Womens Coalition
April 6 | 11:51 AM PST
100 Black Womens Coalition introduced.
April 6 | 11:55 AM PST
The young ladies said the Positive Steps Creed.
April 6 | 11:58 AM PST
Announcing to visit the silent auction.
April 6 | 11:59 AM PST
Announcing donate what you can using green envelopes on the table.
April 6 | 12:00 PM PST
Announcing tweet using tag #madamcjwalker2018.
April 6 | 12:05 PM PST
Announcing Mistress of Ceremony Pam Moore, Anchor of Kron4.
April 6 | 12:06 PM PST
Anchor Woman Pam Moore.
April 6 | 12:09 PM PST
Vocalist, Yasmeena aka Jazime Datcher
April 6 | 12:14 PM PST
HEAT Dancers
April 6 | 12:21 PM PST
Taking place now.
April 6 | 12:23 PM PST
Aisha Brown, President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc, Oakland/Bay Area Chapter is speaking.
April 6 | 12:28 PM PST
National President of the organization speaking.
April 6 | 12:31 PM PST
Great grand-daughter of Madam CJ Walker speaks. 150th anniversary of MCJWs birth. Netflix series of MCJWs life coming soon.
April 6 | 12:35 PM PST
Essay winner, Cecilia Ortiz announced and is reading her essay.
April 6 | 12:47 PM PST
Donations being accepted. $80K, the goal!
April 6 | 1:00 PM PST
Thanking the sponsors.
April 6 | 1:01 PM PST
Special Thanks!!
April 6 | 1:04 PM PST
MC Lyte, 1st rapper invited to the White House, etc.....
April 6 | 1:31 PM PST
Corporate Award to Kimberly Brandon, President of SF Port Commission.
April 6 | 1:37 PM PST
Entreprenuer Award to LaNeice Jones who gave tribute to BUWAFA and 16th LION.
April 6 | 1:42 PM PST
Pioneer Award to Diana Beckton, DA of Contra Costa County.
April 6 | 1:46 PM PST
Advocacy Award to Beverly Greene of AC Transit. She feels public transportation is often taken for granted and is honored for the award.
April 6 | 1:51 PM PST
800 attendees
April 6 | 2:19 PM PST
Luncheon over, reception beginning.
April 6 | 2:21 PM PST
April 6 | 2:21 PM PST
Things being auctioned.
April 6 | 2:23 PM PST
Author of book, Power of Prayer
April 6 | 2:28 PM PST
Jewelry from South Africa and the UK.
April 6 | 2:31 PM PST
Jewelry from Senegal.


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