January 20 | 5:05 PM
January 20 | 5:09 PM
January 20 | 5:11 PM
The trains are running smoothly and the stations arent packed. Theres extra staff; BART was fully prepared!
January 20 | 5:18 PM
January 20 | 5:27 PM
Lynn Martin said this is her 2nd year marching! She read that 53% of White women voters voted for Trump, that embarassed and prompted her. She also wanted to support her sisters of color! She said although the turnout was smaller, the Frank Ogawa Center had many booths where lots of literature was given out and many registered to vote!
January 20 | 5:50 PM
According to the SF Funcheap website, the official after party for the Womens Match is at the Mar's Bar in #SanFrancisco! Click link here: http://sf.funcheap.com/official-womens-march-party-hear-vote-fundraiser/
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