The Expat Woman Empowered Leadership Summit

March 24 | 11:17 AM PST
11:30-6 in Downtown San Francisco with keynote speakers, TED talks, panel discussions, a job fair, startup workshops and more! From their webste today, " The Expat Woman is a global community of professional women headquartered in San Francisco. Their network includes recent expats, expats who have immigrated many years ago and native-born women with very diverse backgrounds including entrepreneurs, investors, women executives, professional, jobseekers and homemakers."
March 24 | 11:33 AM PST
March 24 | 11:36 AM PST
The check in booth for speakers
March 24 | 11:42 AM PST
Attendees signing in. Hiring mixer on main floor, Ted Talks downstairs, Hackathon upstairs.
March 24 | 11:48 AM PST
Susana of Acceli in Oakland and Linda, another volunteer are manning. the hiring mixer sign-3in booth
March 24 | 12:02 PM PST
Hiring mixer has approximately 5 employers onsite
March 24 | 12:07 PM PST
Harbor, SF is hiring engineers, Zillow Group, Seattle too, but more
March 24 | 12:24 PM PST
Dragonfly Consultants is using the VR experience to share info about diversity and inclusion. Turn 180 degrees in way, be the man in the film and go the other and be the woman
March 24 | 12:30 PM PST
Resume and Linkedin critiqing
March 24 | 12:35 PM PST
Juliet Oberding, Mentor for the hackathon where attendees create products that wlll be judged and gifts awarded at the of the day
March 24 | 12:37 PM PST
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March 24 | 12:38 PM PST
March 24 | 12:51 PM PST
Conference Kick Off Theater
March 24 | 12:55 PM PST
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Ms. Njeri, sickle cell anemia survivor, mother of 5 sings Warrior Woman
March 24 | 1:01 PM PST
ABC7 anchor woman speaks about her journey
March 24 | 1:11 PM PST
Founder and CEO speaks. She's won 2 distinguishing awards this year
March 24 | 1:34 PM PST
Conference Keynotes Theater has 3 speakers: from Visa, Pandora Ridgemont Hospitality/Visit California until 2:20.
March 24 | 1:35 PM PST
Women in Fashion, Beauty and LifeStyle Panel Speakeasy supposed to have started at 1:25 - 2:25
March 24 | 1:40 PM PST
Members of audience asked, do they work in the industry and what they'd like to learn
March 24 | 2:02 PM PST
Women in Fashion, Beauty and LifeStyle Panel Speakeasy introductions just ended: Moderator Sylvia Gorajek of Valley Talks, Elyse Kaye of Bloom Beas, Danielle Wen of Lace & Liberty, Chantelle Hartshone of StyleBar, Stephanie McClean of Trendy Treat and Karen Behnnke of Juice Beauty.
March 24 | 2:28 PM PST
A delightful panel discussion just over! I'll share the highlights later! The next speakeasy is Invest Like a Woman, scheduled for 2:30-3:00 with Lindsey Maule of Luna Capital, Molly Newborn of Morgan Stanley, and Carmina Liagan of New York Life.
March 24 | 2:33 PM PST
Lindsey Mule on Investing in Cryptocurrencies
March 24 | 2:34 PM PST
March 24 | 2:39 PM PST
March 24 | 2:41 PM PST
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What is an ICO explained
March 24 | 2:45 PM PST
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Time ran out but she suggested looking up these products
March 24 | 2:47 PM PST
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Molly Newborn on Investing in Stoccks - giving audience a crash course
March 24 | 2:50 PM PST
"Stash your money and you lose up to 45% of its value. Dont be afraid to invest just because its volatile," says Molly Newborn
March 24 | 2:52 PM PST
"Women live longer than men. Women make less and take breaks in employment to have babies. Therefore less in social security. Women rather save," says Molly Newborn
March 24 | 3:01 PM PST
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Carmina llagan about Planning Your Financial Future
March 24 | 3:26 PM PST
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3:05 PM - 3:55PM Blockchain, AI, IoT- Women at the Cutting Edge of Tech​ "From one industry into IT vs IT in school to work, will do better, consider AI!"
March 24 | 4:16 PM PST
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Break time and networking
March 24 | 4:21 PM PST
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Gender bias in the workplace discussed
March 24 | 4:25 PM PST
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Caoline Hubbard of Hello Chava on Strategies to Get Noticed and Find a Job by knowing self worth
March 24 | 4:33 PM PST
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Woman For Social Good starts at 4:35
March 24 | 4:37 PM PST
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Upstairs in the cafe is Strategies to get noticed by Recruiters and find a Job in your industry until 4:50
March 24 | 4:49 PM PST
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March 24 | 5:10 PM PST
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Investor panel introduced. The 4 seated to the right of the announcer
March 24 | 5:20 PM PST
Female Founded Startup Showcase until 5:30 in the Cafe area Kid Carpool, Nfunite Strength, LLC, Zen Basil, Wheesearch Beauty, Woom, Inc, SelfieMark, Inc and Panty Drop
March 24 | 5:26 PM PST
Almost everyone in the room raised their hand indicating they suffered from some kind of pain, such as neck, shoulder or back. Investors are asking Infinite about how their app can help.
March 24 | 5:42 PM PST
Zen Basil maker shared many health benefits of the product and mentioned $1 trillion, said marketing deep, not the masses through experiential marketing, social media and etc.
March 24 | 5:45 PM PST
Wheesearch Beauty mentioned now working with Amazon, and affiliate selling where bloggers can make a percentage
March 24 | 5:52 PM PST
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Had to miss the last few startups to attend How Smart Women Win in the New Economy with Magdalena Yesil and Emily Poplawski, both of Broadway Angels in the Theater room
March 24 | 5:59 PM PST
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Creating Gender Equality in the Workplace EngagingvMen in Women's Leadership just wrapped up too. Closing remarks coming up downstairs
March 24 | 6:08 PM PST
Selfie Mark is answering questions from the investors, one felt she should hone in on monetization.
March 24 | 6:12 PM PST
Panty Drop is a size inclusive lingerie subscription business. They dont ignore the plus size woman selling sizes XS-6XL online.
March 24 | 6:20 PM PST
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Staff and volunteers say good night, thank you for attending and see exeryone next year!


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