Progress Made on AC Transit's BRT Project in East Oakland

February 17 | 12:22 AM
Parking is now available and business has picked up on 71st and International.
February 17 | 12:25 AM
February 24 | 5:55 PM
Community businesses join in on the improvements.
February 24 | 6:02 PM
March 8 | 12:34 AM
March 8 | 12:35 AM
April 5 | 11:15 AM
This is the slowest moving project; however, a crew is out today on 73rd and International.
April 18 | 9:19 PM
April 18 | 9:21 PM
They're tearing up some more ground off 74th and International Blvd.
April 24 | 8:01 PM
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The platform is built with a temporary gate atound it. There's litter around it too.


International Boulevard
East Oakland, Oakland, California
Public transportation in Toronto
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