ONA18: Journalism 360 Immersive Storytelling Festival

September 14 | 9:52 AM CST
Journalism 360: Immersive Storytelling Festival Friday, 10am - 12:30pm at ONA18, Online News Association Conference 2018 in Austin, TX
September 14 | 9:57 AM CST
About the Festival: Check out groundbreaking virtual reality and 360 projects, meet the creators and learn more about how journalists are using immersive platforms to tell important stories at the second annual Journalism 360 Immersive Storytelling Festival! This film fest will feature both the opportunity to experience groundbreaking immersive news content and learn from the filmmakers and journalists about the decisions that went into each project. This session is designed for: -- Anyone interested in the newest, most innovative immersive news content -- VR and 360 video producers looking for ideas and inspiration -- Immersive-curious journalists who want to understand what۪s possible before making the leap
September 14 | 10:12 AM CST
It was a mad rush to get into the festival with people lined up well in advance of session time (and doors opened about 10 minutes late). You have to sign up for a slot on the three Vives and the other setups are first come first served.
September 14 | 10:13 AM CST
September 14 | 10:13 AM CST
Jack Hirsh experiences "Greenland Melting" from Frontline, Nova, Emblematic Group, xRez Studio, Realtra on the HTC Vive.
September 14 | 10:17 AM CST
Brittany Peterson from McClatchy is demoing "All We Got" A 360 Game Day Experience, an upcoming series following the season of a Texas football team who are incarcerated at the largest male juvenile correctional facility in Texas.
September 14 | 10:22 AM CST
September 14 | 10:22 AM CST
September 14 | 10:23 AM CST
A myriad of viewers and hardware are being used today and hosts are patiently explaining and walking guests through the functionality and software they used to create these immersive stories.
September 14 | 10:37 AM CST
Maria Tolsa experiences "Aftermath VR: Euromaidan" on the HTC Vive from New Cave Media, a 2017 Journalism 360 Challenge Winner about the Euromaidan revolution in Kyiv, Ukraine.
September 14 | 10:42 AM CST
Liisa Lehmus uses an HTC Vive to explore "The Wall" from the USA Today Network, a 2017 Journalism 360 Challenge Winner, a 2018 Online Journalism Awards Finalist, and a 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting Winner. This piece examines the unintended consequences of a dividing America.
September 14 | 10:46 AM CST
September 14 | 10:46 AM CST
September 14 | 10:47 AM CST
Googley eyes!
September 14 | 10:49 AM CST
September 14 | 10:50 AM CST
Dan Pacheco checks out the glaciers in Greenland.
September 14 | 11:13 AM CST


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