On Location: SyFy's "Happy" Filming at Cinepolis in Chelsea, NY today

September 19 | 9:24 AM EST
Happy! is an American TV series on the SyFy network. The black comedy crime show is based on a comic book series of the same name.
September 19 | 9:26 AM EST
Production trailers lined up on 24th St between 9th and 8th Ave
September 19 | 9:26 AM EST
Doors with character names like Wishee 1 and Audience Kid
September 19 | 9:27 AM EST
Trailers for Sonny Shine (played by Christopher Fitzgerald), Dayglo, and KAP
September 19 | 9:28 AM EST
September 19 | 9:31 AM EST
Catering tent is down 23rd St between 8th and 9th ave
September 19 | 9:32 AM EST
Set is further down 23rd st between 8th Ave and 7th ave
September 19 | 9:32 AM EST
They are filming at Cinepolis in Chelsea, a movie theater
September 19 | 9:33 AM EST
September 19 | 9:34 AM EST
September 19 | 9:35 AM EST
September 19 | 9:41 AM EST


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