November 1 | 12:16 PM CST
Voting Completed! Leaving the Tarant County Couthous in Texas.
November 1 | 12:20 PM CST
If you are disabled, you can use this bell and a ballot will be brought to you.
November 1 | 12:22 PM CST
November 1 | 12:23 PM CST
November 1 | 12:23 PM CST
November 1 | 12:24 PM CST
Curbside voting
November 1 | 1:15 PM CST
From the Texas voting website "There is a new law in Section 63.0013-of the Voting Rights Act known as- Notice of Voting Order Priority that allows voters with mobility problems to be accepted for voting ahead of others in line. Ask your voting clerk to move you to the front of the line if this will help you while in your polling site."
November 1 | 1:19 PM CST
"Curbside Voting is available during Early Voting and Election Day for any voter who has difficulty walking or standing for long periods. If you have someone with you when you arrive, have them notify the election official. You can also use the curbside bell demostrated in this video if you are unaccompanied, these devices will be located near the handicap parking spaces. The ballot materials will be brought to the voter. For more information please contact our office at 817-831-8683 More information provided by the Texas Secretary of State on services for voters with special needs, or for a pamphlet of your rights." Video link is on the aforementioned page.
November 1 | 1:22 PM CST
Not sure where your polling place is? Sign up for Resistbot. The free service will tell you where your polling place is. Text 50409 or send "resist" as a DM on Twitter.
November 1 | 1:26 PM CST
My experience as a person with mobility challenges. I walk with a cane. When I saw there wasn't a line, I walked right in. Immediately when the poll worker saw me using a cane, they offered me an area where I could sit down to vote. I did, and he sent for another poll worker/voting clerk to issue me an access code.
November 1 | 1:38 PM CST
After hearing all the stories about the defective machines, I decided not to vote let it choose the candidates automatically. Each person running was labeled Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. (No independent candidates this year.) I noticed a lot of Republican judges were running unopposed.
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