Toy Story Land Dedication Celebration Brings Toys to Life in Walt Disney World

June 29 | 10:21 AM EST
The countdown begins with media, Disney Cast Members and their families for the official dedication of #ToyStoryLand in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
June 29 | 10:30 AM EST
The dedication begins in 30 minutes.
June 29 | 10:40 AM EST
Woody is welcoming guests to the dedication
June 29 | 10:46 AM EST
15 minutes to go. The honorary toys have been split into alien groups. We're with the "yellow" aliens.
June 29 | 10:49 AM EST
We were moved up a block closer - just us, hundreds of friends and a very large boom...
June 29 | 10:57 AM EST
"in just a few minutes"
June 29 | 11:00 AM EST
Green Army Men at the ready
June 29 | 11:01 AM EST
Green Army Men rappel in to unviel the Toy Story Land dedication stage. Update: full video of the dedication:
June 29 | 11:03 AM EST
Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products Chairman Bob Chapek and friends
June 29 | 11:08 AM EST
Toy Story Land is "activated" with the help of Green Army Men and an emergency supply of batteries.
June 29 | 11:13 AM EST
Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen, Jessie; Bob Chapek, Woody
June 29 | 11:14 AM EST
Tim Allen and friends celebrate the opening of Toy Story Land
June 29 | 11:15 AM EST
Buzz Lightyear with Tim Alien
June 29 | 11:45 AM EST
Stay tuned for an Disney Parks update at the post event presentation. Update: full presentation video:
June 29 | 12:17 PM EST
Intro to the post dedication event that will focus on where Walt Disney World is going next.
June 29 | 12:20 PM EST
Walt Disney World President shares an update on new development currently in flight.
June 29 | 12:22 PM EST
June 29 | 12:24 PM EST
Catherine Powell, new President of Disney Parks outside of Walt Disney World joins the panel, sharing previously announced expansions in Disneyland Paris and Disney's California Adventure Park.
June 29 | 12:32 PM EST
Walt Disney Imagineering takes the stage to provide more detail on development at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
June 29 | 12:35 PM EST
Announcement: Lightning McQueen Racing Academy show is coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios next year.
June 29 | 12:35 PM EST
A spotlight on Mickey's Runaway Railway which is in development to replace The Great Movie Ride.
June 29 | 12:38 PM EST
An update on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
June 29 | 12:44 PM EST
Laurie Jordan from Disney Parks Live Entertainment providing an update on entertainment throughout the parks.
June 29 | 12:47 PM EST
Guardians of the Galaxy show hits the stage.
June 29 | 12:48 PM EST
Star-lord and Gamora take the stage
June 29 | 12:50 PM EST
Baby Groot brought in to help out.
June 29 | 12:56 PM EST
Disney Imagineering takes the stage to answer questions submitted via txt messages. Full video link will be added from our YouTube channel when available later. Update: full video of the Q+A:
June 29 | 1:38 PM EST
Mr Incredible and Frozone stopped by during lunch, an "incredible" close to a cool event!


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