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Jan 20, 2020
Jazzure Part 1  I love jazz because it speaks to my soul and never disappoints. The complexity and the improv mean that I never hear the same cut on an album or live performance of a piece the same way twice and it works my mind, body and soul. To me, listening to good jazz is akin to a healing meditation! I love jazz because of its ability to evoke such tremendous emotion... primarily joy! I love jazz because as it is such an interesting style of music which involves improvisation, solos, the interaction between musicians. I love jazz because... of it’s instant composing and rhytmic interesting character: jazz in all it’s different appearings is often able to enrich the very moment, the NOW. And that’s all we have, isn’t it? Jazz is a reflection of life. It is intellectually challenging, rewarding, frustrating, invigorating, fun.. In my studio I have a quote from Confucius, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. Jazz is a journey that never reaches an end point for any player. It just continues. Jazz combines creativity from the mind, heart, and the gut. It flourishes through my truth and uses melody and rhythm to bridge the musician's creativity and the listener's imagination. I love jazz because it's an area of music where I am free to incorporate everything I've experienced in music, including multiple genres and global cultures, and creatively express myself as a composer and improviser. I play so much as do I express the various styles I've absorbed in a way that is honest and personal. As a Multi - instrumentalist it means I cover a lot of different sounds, and as a composer it means I draw on a lot of different influences quite freely. Part 1
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