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Apr 8, 2020 • Edited
THE MOUTHPIECE COBBLER Part 2 Many times has the cobbler put his foot in his mouth not saying which of his products is right for you. I just heard Him Banter, he doesn't have to say it. Not everything is said in words. You'll sit in his chair as he shows you his wares, though feelings and semantics come through in layers. So I hear Him Banter until he turns down my request for something that would be a kind gesture, an item that he has many to spare, but won't part with one because in his mind they are made for him, so he shares with none. If you are a few dollars short for his wares he'll show you no more, he's quick to give out a card and show you the door.  I was just searching for a glimpse of what was, and got interrupted by listening to Him Banter.
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