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Apr 1, 2020 • Edited
THE MOUTHPIECE COBBLER Part 1 The cobbler said he didn't know who I was because he looks, but he doesn't see. The cobbler stopped making his wares for many years. Then, he returned to make them again and he said it's because now he has more time, but the truth is, he always had the time-It's all about priorities. While he had nothing disparaging to say, there was nothing joyous nor positive that came out in his phrasing. We spoke of his younger days and the story behind the tools and the treasuries of his trade. He will always be remembered as the great cobbler who helped other people reach their goals. I went visiting him to seek a feeling of the past but it wasn't bitter nor was it sweet. I went there to talk with him because I had one of his creations from many, many, years ago. He was hoping I would buy one of his new creations, which I tried, and it was good but you can never go home and as usual, the 1st impressions and the 1st creations of an artist are usually the best. When I was leaving, I did not feel that he cared about the greater good of helping that person find what the best for them was, it was more about selling the item/his creation. He wanted to feel useful again and be praised like he was back in the day. And there's nothing wrong with that either. I did go there to speak with him and talk about his vintage creation but he didn't seem to care about anything I had to say or what I've done. There was an emptiness in the Room not from me and not from him, just from what was.  Going to see him, a part of me wanted to go back in time, the sweetness of being able to go home again. I knew this man 40 years ago but he didn't know me because I was just a boy. After visiting him, I realized . I  how much sweeter and more enjoyable the thought of"him" was than the person he actually is. I know now we cannot ever go home. But I decided I was going to buy one of his creations and I took out all of the cash I had with me.  I was just a few dollars short but he would not give it to me. He said I must mail him all of the money beforeI could have it. I was only few dollars short and I felt so sad that he had such a lack of trust for me and possibly for all of humanity. I could tell by his tone. Because it wasn't about the money for this cobbler, he has plenty of money, but it was something deep inside of him that got turned off, like a switch. Later on, that night, I felt relieved that I did not buy one of his newest creations, the old one is actually the best. I have not seen him in 40 years but I remembered him to be different. I was just hoping to have a slice of sweetness from the past. He seems to know the price of things and but not the value of them.
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