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#MadebyGoogle 2019

Oct 15, 2019

Say hello to Pixel 4. With a great camera, new Google Assistant built in, and Motion Sense, it's designed to be helpful throughout your day.

Wherever you go, Pixelbook Go is made to go with you. Light and grippable, with a long battery life, Pixelbook Go brings the performance of Pixelbook in a bigger, more affordable package.

The new Nest Mini provides bass that’s twice as strong as the original Google Home Mini. With a wall mount, the Google Assistant built in, and four colors, it’s made to fit in and be useful in your home.

Introducing Nest Wifi—a new mesh system designed to create a fast, strong connection throughout your home, with three colors. Plus, the Nest Wifi point comes with a Google Assistant smart speaker built in.

Our first wireless pair of earbuds, Pixel Buds offer great sound quality, a comfortable fit, sleek design and instant access to hands-free help from the Google Assistant.

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