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Image from Ubud
Jul 19, 2019
Keramas Beach, natural scenery and surfer's paradise.  Keramas Beach is a black sand beach and can be accessed via Jl. By Pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra. Keramas Beach has big waves up to 2 meters high which is a paradise for tourists who like to surf. Keramas Beach is also known to tourists because of the beauty of charming beaches and natural rice fields around the coast.  Rows of coconut trees lined up along the road to the beach add to the beauty of the beach. Tourist activities besides surfing are swimming, sunbathing, fishing and playing in the glittering sand.  Before being famous as it is today Keramas Beach is often used as a location for laying eggs of Kura-kura emas (golden turtles) then this beach is called Kuramas Beach. and from there later the beginning of the origin name of the beach is called Keramas Beach. Along with the development of Bali tourism with its facilities that continue to grow rapidly every time, the tourist area around the coast has changed but still preserving its nature.
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