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India and Pakistan must remain at peace to preserve innocent lives on both the sides. Pakistan, however, violated Geneva convention by publishing information and video about captured Indian Air Force pilot. Tensions between the two countries must de-escalate and an amicable conversation is the required necessity. On the part of Pakistan, this is however necessary to take strong action against terrorism, growing on it's soil, responsible for Pulwama attack in India. Continuous ceasefire violation on India-Pakistan border by Pakistan must be aborted.… more
Feb 28, 2019 • Edited
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A simple smile makes your life uncountable times beautiful <3 ~ Akshay Srivastava… more
Feb 20, 2019
Ja Ja Re Apne Mandir <3… more
Feb 20, 2019
Happy New Year <3… more
Jan 2, 2019
Lord Krishna says 'Sarvdharmam Parityajya Mamekam Sharanam Vrajah' means 'Leave everything on me and forget everything else. <3… more
Dec 27, 2018
Life is beautiful if our eyes are. Sometimes we come across different situations and we become uncomfortable by the change that is accompanied with the natural amendment. Life is never the same. Everything come, stay and go. Nothing remains forever. If you are getting good food and water then you are lucky enough because so many people in so many countries are not getting even half a breakfast. In some regions, even a drop of water is considered as nature's blessing. There are various people who are struggling to win from diseases. So many animals get slaughtered every minute. If you can imagine the pain and suffering of their life and if you can compare that pain and suffering from yours, you will find yourself extremely relieved and thankful. Thank you <3… more
Dec 16, 2018
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'Kehne Ko Wo Aayina' Shayari (Poem) by Akshay Srivastava  (a.k.a Satyarth Srivastava) Language: Hindi Kehne Ko Wo Aayina Humare Rup Ko Dikhlata Hai  Jabse Shyam Piya Ka Deedar Hua... Har Shaks Hume Aayina Nazar Aata Hai <3… more
Dec 16, 2018 • Edited
Image from Akshay Srivastava
Image from Akshay Srivastava
Image from Akshay Srivastava
Curly Hairs… more
Dec 4, 2018
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