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Sep 5, 2018 • Edited
From Writer/Director Sean Anders:  My family started with a joke. My wife Beth and I had been talking for years about whether we should have kids. For the longest time we felt we just couldn’t afford it. Pretty soon I was in my 40s and I felt a little too old to be just starting now. One day I joked, “Why don’t we just adopt a five-year-old and it will be like I got started five years ago?” It was only a joke but Beth ran with it, did some research online and showed me how many kids were in foster care. Within weeks we were at an orientation, which led to foster classes and eventually our certification as foster parents.  We thought we would get just one child but after learning how sib sets often adjust better because they are not going through the trauma alone, we agreed to consider more than one child. In 2012 we met three siblings. We went through a very brief honeymoon period before things got difficult. Going from zero to three kids overnight was a hellish adjustment for all of us. Beth and I soon realized we had made a terrible mistake. What the hell were we thinking!? It got so bad that we would lie in bed and plot how we might get these kids out of our house and return to our easy, quiet, orderly life.   After a few months of being woken up too early, of listening to endless tantrums and fighting, of mess and spills and chaos and frustration, one morning I woke up and all was quiet. Beth was still asleep. I had a weird feeling in my stomach that I could not identify. Then it hit me, “Oh my god, I MISS THEM!” I actually want them to come screaming into our bed. I’m excited to see them. I think… I kinda love them. And now, six years later we are just a regular, happy family. And just like every other happy family, our kids are the best thing that ever happened to us.  I wanted to make a movie about our experience because so few people understand how foster adoption works. But how does the Daddy’s Home / Hot Tub Time Machine guy make a movie about something as serious as foster care? Lucky for me, so much of our journey was incredibly funny too. So I made a comedy. But I did my best to make an honest comedy with a lot more on its mind than just the laughs. My message is just this— When people have their own kids, it’s very easy to picture the good things— loose teeth and flag football and prom dresses. But when people think of kids in foster care, their thoughts often turn to darkness. I wanted to make a movie that would take people through the difficult adjustments and into the good stuff. And there is so very much good, good stuff.   INSTANT FAMILY opens in theaters Nov.16th. I’m so excited to share the trailer with you now.
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