Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija
Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija
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Jul 7, 2018 • Edited
MATCHDAY: CROATIA AND RUSSIA MEET IN THE WORLD CUP QF The Croatian national football team secured a 2018 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal berth, courtesy of a penalty shootout win over Denmark. The team's next challenge is scheduled for July 7 in Sochi against the host nation Russia. "Russia did not reach the quarterfinals by accident, and our plan includes quality organization, quality defence, aggression, and unity, and we need to offer more in attack. We respect Russia, and it will be another tough match. We want to repeat the success of France '98, we have the same objective. Now it is required of us to find strength, energy, and motivation to be at our best and defeat Russia. This has to be our finest hour," said Head Coach Zlatko Dalić. "It is a special feeling to play the hosts, and we need to enjoy every moment - including attack, defence, and a lot of effort. We have analyzed the Russian team, they are a tough opponent who earned their place in the quarter-finals, and now everything is up to us. We are playing for our fans throughout the world - and many international fans who also support us, which confirms we are on the right path. We understand each other, like a family. Croatia internationals from 1998 are our heroes and we want to continue where they left off," said Croatia vice-captain and Barcelona star Ivan Rakitić. To get the latest updates on the Croatian team, follow HNS on Twitter and Instagram
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