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Jan 21, 2019
  • Idea behind the song/Lyrics :
I really like the idea behind burn burn, is like "Love is a fire that can warms up your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell". I felt very princess on some of the line (I'm still waiting for you please save me).
  • History : 
Burn Burn is the very first work that reamd and i has done together. As a matter of fact, when the final version was brought to me, i literally fell for it. Since that I knew Sofiene was meant to become my Producer and 😊i meant to become his singer.
  • Studio work : 
The first day I arrived in studio, everything went fast, ReamD had song-write the song, and everything sounded perfect already, we started to record around 14:00 in the afternoon and finished around 19:30 at night for all the "lead vocal", we spend 2 more afternoon for all the "back vocal" and details correction. ReamD came up with the drop about 3 days after. When I heard the 808 in the drop and this very space flowing Chord progression I felt so moved. We added the last drop vocal and everything was finished within a week.
  • People reaction : 
People love it, I got so many reaction from people, young Chinese girl living all around the world, a lot of people also came and ask me, Mam'z, you 17 and Chinese and you sing about "I wanna make love to you baby" how come? hey folks being originally from China doesn't makes me different from normal 17 years old girl. 
  • Overall : 
Great working on it and I'm really happy because in 2019 technology enable us to transcend bounderies and so I am able to share that first song with the whole world. Its a real exciting journey for me, and for this first post I would like to give a big shout out to my super lovely OP1 Team, thanks to my producer and my brother "ReamD", a special thanks to my Mom who supported me a lot, to God with whom none of it would be possible and to you, you behind your screen or you whom I met somewhere on the road and who give me every single day the inspiration I need to keep on this beautiful adventure.
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