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Jan 21, 2020
Make Technology Work For You. Technology is always about shortcuts. But the shortcuts themselves should never be about technology. To understand this better consider why we seek to use technology in the first instance. It is an augmentation of current abilities that represents an optimization of our skills as we scale things up.  In the plainest English possible, technology allows us to do less with more or, better said perhaps, it allows us to do more with just what we have. Marketing, advertising, branding, travelling, fishing and agriculture are some very obvious examples of this. But really, technology works exactly like that in everything. Just using a can-opener at home is the perfect example of what I've described.  The subtext here is that while technology changes because our capabilities to apply ever more powerful layers of it becomes better; the foundations that make this desirable in the first instance, remain the same.  The needs, wants, motivation and drive that lead us to develop better and better technology in the first instance have never changed. In a marketing context we still need to sell something in an environment where others also sell something very similar. To succeed in our sale we need to first arrest the attention of our prospect and then succeed in getting them to trust us.  While the 'How' we achieve this today is completely different from how we'd have done it 4,000 years ago, the reasons behind it remain the same. Since the 'Why' hasn't changed we're still faced with the same challenges: how do we get someone to trust us and then create a connection that leads to a sale?  Humanizing our technology requires investment in real effort to break through the impersonality of our various technological interfaces. Those who think in terms of that never, ever truly feel they're being left behind, no matter what changes our technology undergoes. For them it is always people doing business with people.
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