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Sep 23, 2019
The Psychology of Self: Which is more important to you? What you think about yourself or what other people think about you? The question is not as easy to answer as you might think because it involves your sense of identity, your perception of others and the world, your values, sense of community and, ultimately, your own wellbeing. In deconstructing something as semantically dense as Nikola Lloyd’s awesome YouTube video on the psychology of battle consider that the points he’s touching on to explain soldiers’ behavior, strategy, decision making and the impact of a tool (a gun in this case) on a person, relies upon our having a better understanding of concepts such as: the audience effect, the tools we use, embodied cognition, circumstantial imperatives and, yes, decision-making. Lloyd’s video is as entertaining as it is informative and, to some extent, eye-opening. What is key here is that at every point of history human behavior is subject to very similar social and environmental pressures. We are the product of who we socialize with and where we live. Our contribution to that outcome is the choice we make each time we are faced with a decision. If you’re finding yourself reading this, now. Think about it. How did you get here?
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