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Nov 19, 2019
Making Sense: It doesn’t matter what complexity we face or how fragmented we feel in what we do and how we do it. Unless we can make it make sense we are going to fail. That’s a given. The brain, the one and arguably, the sole piece of equipment we carry around with us that’s designed to help us succeed in life by ensuring our long term survival requires things to make sense in order for us to be able to navigate the world. When things don’t make sense we still take action. We still make decisions. We still navigate our way through the world. But this is always in response to something else. Our actions, thoughts, beliefs and even values are always reactive. We say “I don’t like this” and “I do like that”. We move away from the things we don’t like and towards the things we do like. This is the amoebal response. Breaking out of that reactive mode of existence that locks us into place requires a degree of intentionality. Being intentional requires a higher degree of awareness of our own sense of agency. A higher sense of agency means we need to know what we want and why we want it so it requires a deeper sense of who we are and where we are going. That gives us a sense of direction. A sense of direction becomes a determinant of purpose and a means to weigh values. Values and purpose determine priorities. Priorities create hierarchies of actions that have meaning. A value-driven, purposeful existence that has true meaning is a life well-lived. Question: why is this not the norm?
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