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Apr 27, 2018 • Edited
DR FRANK'S WEAKLY READER:  see Dr. Frank post, see the internet algorithmically hide Dr. Frank's posts, see Dr. Frank re-aggregate his posts in a desperate bid for attention to his hugely important activities, minor though they may be in the general scheme of things.  Click Dr Frank's posts just to show 'em they can't boss you around because you are your own person dammit. -- MTX / Nerf Herder / Kepi Ghoulie tix now on sale!  Ticket buy links:  SF 7/27LA 7/28.  These will sell out, right?  Get 'em while you can. -- updated MTX / Dr Frank shows list. — THE WAY HOW THINGS USED TO LOOK LIKE. The high school self.  — Dr. Frank on the Rocket Fuel podcast. — collected enamel pins.  Get 'em here. — MTX live on the radio in Rapid City South Dakota, 1989, audio.  — minor secrets of MTX live on the radio in Rapid City South Dakota, 1989:  — A tale of two formats.  joshthevegan’s photo + review of The Way It Sounds Like on Instagram.    — Lauren got her Dr Frank box.  Get yours here.  — Dr. Frank's free speech diary.  Asking into the void, what's this world coming to? — Your Friday morning "Hitler".   (Covers playlist.)
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